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Some of your colleagues who have put a lot of work into their PAPYRUS databases are making the fruits of their labor available here.

If you would like to contribute your own output or import formats or a list of official journal names and abbreviations in your field, please contact us.

173 Biomedical journal names and abbreviations
Compiled by Dr. Peter H. M. Klaren <> of the Department of Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield. Submitted 1 August 1997.

1915 journal names and abbreviations
Complied by Ms. L. Terri Singer <> of the Department of Community & Family Health, University of South Florida. Submitted 22 August 1997.
There may be some journals that don't have abbreviations, but just a few. Most of these journals have been added due to the research on my project. Besides, biomedicine, you will find journals in engineering (light), biology, and psychology

1310 Biomedical journal names and abbreviations
Compiled by Dr. Edward P. Richards <> of the UMKC Law School. Submitted 14 June 1998.
It is a pretty clean list of journal names and abbreviations. If there are any problems with it, they just concern some whole words in the abbreviations having periods after them.

1145 Biological journal names and abbreviations
Compiled by Chris Hendry <> of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Submitted 23 July 1998.

3876 Biomedical journal names and abbreviations
Compiled by Dr. Donald M. Hadley <> of the Department of Clinical Neuroradiology, Inst. of Neurological Sciences, Glasgow. Submitted 10 August 1998.
I cannot guarantee all the spelling, especially the Chinese or Japanese but most of it is correct. I do not use dots after the abbreviations so most do not have them, unfortunately some do.

1 January 2004