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PAPYRUS Status Report - January 2004

| Version 8.0 for Macintosh | Version 7.0 for DOS/Windows |

Important News

Papyrus is now FREE

Papyrus is now available for free download. No registration is required.

The current (and final) editions of Papyrus are Version 7.0.17 for DOS (compatible with Windows) and Version 8.0.12 for Mac OS (compatible with OS X in the Classic environment).

Research Software Design is no longer developing further versions of Papyrus. There will be no versions of Papyrus that run as native applications on Windows, OS X, nor Linux. --->

Our former Internet domain,, was taken from us in 2002 by a large, well-financed firm exhibiting a remarkable combination of arrogance, financial recklessness, and technical incompetence.

Research Software Design continues to be accessible at This applies both to our address on the Web and to our e-mail addresses.


The current (and final) version of Papyrus for Macintosh is 8.0.12.

The complete Version 8 User's Manuals can be downloaded from our Web site in electronic form, in either HTML or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) form.

Click here for a detailed update change history.


The current (and final) version of Papyrus for DOS/Windows is 7.0.17.

Version 7.0.17 is identical to Version 7.0.16c, apart from a few minor cosmetic details (plus a slightly easier-to-understand version number).

Supported word processors include all versions of Word for Windows through Word 2000, as well as WordPerfect for Windows (including Corel WP 9.0), Ami Pro 3.x, Word for DOS 6.0, WordPerfect for DOS 6.0, as well as the previously-supported versions of Word, WordPerfect, WordStar, ChiWriter, XyWrite, etc.

(Although we would like to also support Lotus Word Pro, it turns out that Lotus now uses such a complicated file format that they are no longer able to explain its details to us.)

Over the years, we have also updated many import formats (a never-ending job, as each of the database vendors frequently makes changes to the format of their downloads).

PAPYRUS 7.0 can be run under Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. PAPYRUS can also be run under OS/2.

Customers have reported to us that the DOS version of PAPYRUS runs acceptably under Soft-PC or other DOS-emulator programs running on UNIX systems or PowerMacs.

Change History

Version 7.0.17 is identical to Version 7.0.16c, apart from a few minor cosmetic details (plus a slightly easier-to-understand version number).

Version 7.0.16c fixes all (hopefully!) remaining problems with Word 97 and "Text Extract", and also includes initial support for Word 2000. Importing from the ISI Web of Science has also been improved.

Version 7.0.16a fixes most remaining problems with "Text Extract" and Word 97.

Version 7.0.16 includes a fix to a long-standing problem with the indexing of very large PAPYRUS databases, with 30,000 references or more.

Version 7.0.15b differs from Versions 7.0.15 and 7.0.15a in fixing a few problems with "Text Extract" and Word 97. We expect further minor updates as we diagnose remaining glitches that affect some Word 97 files.

Version 7.0.15 differs from Version 7.0.14a in adding support for Word 97 in the PAPYRUS "Text Extract" option. We have also fixed the remaining problems that previous versions of PAPYRUS sometimes had with Word 6.0 and Word 7.0.

PAPYRUS Version 7 has always been fully Year 2000 compliant, except for one minor cosmetic bug that was fixed during 1997, in Version 7.0.14a.

1 January 2004