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PAPYRUS Version 8.0 for Macintosh is a full-featured, highly customizable bibliography database system, with additional features for organizing your notes, quotations, and graphic images.

You can download PAPYRUS for free.

The current edition of PAPYRUS is Version 8.0.12.

PAPYRUS is a Classic application. It can be run under OS X within the Classic environment.

The new Intel-based Macs released in 2006 and beyond do not support the Classic environment.

To run Classic applications on Intel-based Macs, there are some options you might wish to explore. One Papyrus user has reported good results in using the SheepShaver emulator.

Did you read the glowing review of Papyrus in Macworld magazine (April 2000, page 62)? Now that you're here, be sure to note the many features of Papyrus that the reviewer neglected to mention. For example:
  • Full WorldScript support -- including Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic
  • Unlimited customization -- add your own personal fields and record types
  • Direct links between your database and the World Wide Web
  • Advanced spellchecking and other features to maintain the integrity of your data
  • Papyrus helps you create your own personal web of information, with a hierarchical keyword thesaurus plus links between references and notecards -- ideal for a preparing a dissertation, book, or review article
For a full summary of how Papyrus can help you manage both your bibliographic citations and your notes, please visit our product information page.

15 November 2009